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Vosen’s Bread Paradise, Inc. is a 100% authentic German bakery. All our recipes were brought over from the old world or developed by Markus Vosen with the same technique that German Master Bakers used for centuries.

Our recipes are not the only authentic German aspect of our bakery. From the smallest pan to our 10,000 lbs. oven, Markus imported every piece of equipment directly from Germany. This way, he ensures that every step in the production is the same as it would be in Germany. Just recently we’ve had to replace many parts of our equipment, which we imported from Germany.

Many of our customers come back from a vacation in Germany and told us that our fine bakery goods taste even more like Germany than the ones they had over there.

One reason for this is the commitment to quality that the original owner (Markus Vosen) had and now the new owners (David and Michelle Porter) continue to this day. If for some reason we are not 100% satisfied with the products we take out of the oven, it will never reach the customer.

This attitude is not limited to the production of baked goods. It also spreads over to our customer service. We do everything in our power to satisfy you completely. May it be a special request, a large order (for a wedding or birthday party, for example) or a modification in size, shape or consistency – if it is somehow possible to do it, we will do it.

And should you have a complaint (I mean, everybody has a bad day once in a while), David and his management staff will always have an open ear to your concerns and try to fix it. Actually, we appreciate if you let us know when something is wrong with our product, because only then will we be able to do something about it.

Another important aspect of our business would be that we don’t use any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. None of our breads contain any added sugars or fats. The average bread is made from nothing but flour (wheat, white, and/or rye), water, sourdough (made from rye flour and water), salt and yeast. It’s a pretty simple list, isn’t it? And when the addition of fat is necessary for the characteristics of the product (like Danish pastries or our famous desserts), we use only butter – not shortening or margarine.

Just because we are closed on Sundays does not mean that you can not get our products. The Whole Foods throughout Utah carry

a widespread variety of our bread and pastry assortment. Of course, you will have the full line of over fifty (50) high quality products only in our store. For a detailed list of what we have to offer, please refer to our online catalog.

Of Course there is nothing like the real experience. Come in and see, smell and taste the freshest and finest quality in German baking available in Utah.

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    Do you have sourdough bread starters for sale right now?

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